IDAPT – IDIADA CAV Platform Tool

IDAPT in a nutshell

To support complex, innovative projects, extend testing capabilities and bridge the gap between them, Applus+ IDIADA has developed a vehicle on-board unit (OBU), which can be used independently or integrated into a vehicle’s electronic architecture.  IDAPT (IDIADA ADAS Platform Tool) is a multi-purpose, flexible prototyping and development tool for Connected and Automated Vehicle activities. This tool encompasses several individual CAV components into one single unit with one single power supply, allowing easy installation and removal from a vehicle.

IDAPT integrates the NVIDIA Jetson platform, with a selection of modular connectivity and positioning technologies with a standard and emerging automotive I/O inside one safe and reliable tool.

IDAPT provides the ability to ‘retro-fit’ connected vehicle capabilities into an existing system for your prototyping/development needs. With its modular design, components can be removed/upgraded as required. IDAPT also provides the ability to startup without any user interaction using 3 different mechanisms: wake on CAN, wake on ignition and wake on rtc (configurable specified time).

IDAPT components / software features

This tool combines the best features of a PC and an automotive ECU, integrating a variety of components for CAV activities in one single in-vehicle unit:

  • NVIDIA based, high-performance GPU/CPU
  • Independent automotive safety MCU
  • V2X
  • 4G / LTE cellular
  • GPS / IMU (with support for RTK)
  • 6 x Camera interfaces
  • 7 x CAN interfaces
  • Internal battery
  • Automotive grade I/O
  • 2 x Safety relays
  • Wake on ignition, wake on power and wake on RTC (Real Time Clock)
  • Internal battery (independent power supply)
  • BroadR-Reach
  • Wi-Fi / Bluetooth
  • Ubuntu 16.04 (Linux development environment)
  • ETSI G5 communications stack – V2X
  • OpenCV
  • RTK-corrected GNSS positioning
  • ROS
  • OpenCL
  • NVIDIA CUDA, Tensor RT
  • Qt
  • Caffe

IDAPT impact

IDAPT aims to provide flexible development hardware and software for the automotive sector and specially for connected and autonomous prototyping and development activities. The use of this kind of platforms allows easier implementation and testing, reducing development times and removing complex hardware set-ups. It also can be used for data collection purposes, such as Field Operational Tests.

IDAPT innovation

With this new, highly practical implementation, we expect to contribute to technological progress in the automotive world, specifically in the development of connected and automated vehicles, one of the most rapidly transforming sectors.

IDAPT is an ideal development tool for:

  • ADAS&CAV Field Operational Tests (FOTs)
  • Connected vehicle projects
  • V2X application development
  • Cyber-security development
  • Camera imaging and object detection
  • Automotive IoT prototyping
  • Sensor development (LiDAR, RADAR)
  • Automated vehicle controls
  • Machine learning algorithm development
  • Prototype datalogging

IDAPT users – stakeholders

  • Traffic Management Centres (urban and highways)
  • Transport systems and infrastructures owners and managers
  • Smart mobility solutions providers
  • Automotive companies
  • C-ITS and innovative mobility services providers
  • Fleet managers
  • V2X hardware and software companies
  • Research entities (universities and research centres) in related domains
  • ADAS and autonomous driving sensor suppliers


IDAPT CAV Platform Tool was developed by Applus+ IDIADA. Click here for more information.