Infinity Neural TRANSIT

Neural Transit in a nutshell

Neural Transit is a solution designed and developed by North Point Solution based on its own artificial intelligence engine Infinity Neural. It is a web-based service for vehicle detection capable of determining in real time the number and type of vehicles circulating or parked in a specific location. In this particular case, Neural Transit focuses on two different areas. On the one hand, it detects, identifies, counts and analyzes the number of taxis parked at taxi stations so that taxi drivers can be informed in real time about their occupancy level and redirect to less busy areas. On the other hand, it detects, identifies, counts, and analyzes the number of goods vehicles parked in the zones of load and discharge so that carriers can modify the order of cargo distribution according to each zone’s occupancy level. In addition to this, it also counts and analyzes the number of cars parked in on-street parking areas, and slots reserved for disabled people.

Read-time data and statistics

All data collected by the vehicle detection, counting and analysis system are instantly displayed via two Web applications.

The RealTime app provides access to real-time data, thus enabling rapid decision-making based on the usage level at each taxi station or load/discharge zone. The RealTime web app includes the following information:

  • Name of taxi station or load/discharge zone.
  • Occupancy percentage in real time.
  • Actual number of vehicles parked in real time.
  • Percentage of occupancy during the last hour.
  • Bar chart on the occupancy level per minute during the previous hour.
  • Colour indicator on the occupancy level (red means maximum occupancy was achieved in the last hour).

As data are collected, the system analyzes the information and displays the result through tables, line/radar/bar charts and digital heat maps accessible via the Statistics web app. These data enable monitoring each station’s occupancy level easily over time, extracting patterns, and assessing the impact of strategies taken to optimize each station’s usage. The system can also make predictions about the level of occupancy of each taxi station or load/discharge zone based on statistics and external parameters such as weather conditions, days of the week, or whether it is a working day or a bank holiday.

Benefits of the Neural Transit

The Neural Transit solution provides essential data to control and manage in real time the occupancy level of taxi stations and load/discharge zones. The information is transferred to taxi/goods drivers so that they can redirect to other stations when their initial destination has reached the maximum occupancy level. This technological advance achieves the following objectives:

  • Facilitates the tasks of professional drivers.
  • Optimizes the use of taxi stations or load/discharge zones throughout the day.
  • Increases efficiency and sustainable mobility in the city by avoiding empty runs in search of passengers or available stations, optimizing routes, and reducing the level of air and noise pollution.
  • Creates a more pleasant environment for citizens, who can enjoy a more efficient and better managed urban mobility, apart from a reduction in the circulation of vehicles.
  • Improves the service offered to taxi users, as vehicles can distribute throughout the city according to demand in real time.

Infinity neural technology

The Neural Transit solution integrates advanced Infinity Neural technology. This is an AI-powered engine developed by North Point Solution, customizable to the needs of any situation requiring accuracy and reliability.

  • Recognizes patterns and makes predictions based on previous experiences (machine learning).
  • Performs trillions of numerical calculations per second.
  • Throws accurate and reliable results in real-time and displays statistics within one minute.
  • Reaches an accuracy of up to 99.9%


Neural Transit was developed by Infinity Neural. Click here for more information.