Macq Mobility Manager

Macq Mobility Manager in a nutshell

Quality urban mobility is a key criterion for the success of all other sectors of activity. It not only contributes to the creation of new jobs and businesses, but also contributes greatly to the creation of an attractive environment and atmosphere for the inhabitants.

One of the biggest challenges that large cities (and increasingly small urban centers) face today is the very great variability over time of the demands in terms of mobility (day/night, commuters, public transportation, etc.). This requires the active management and real time distribution of resources, infrastructure, and reliable information to travellers.

Being able to automatically identify and register all vehicles that enter or exit a designated area 24/7 and 365 days a year, combined with an easy accessible, powerful database search module is obviously a tremendous added value for law enforcement (police, customs, security agencies) and thus a significant augmentation of inhabitants’ protection.

Innovative cities have already deployed measures to improve both the Quality of Life and the Health of their citizens, by reducing air pollution created by traffic. At the same time, by discouraging heavy duty traffic, they significantly improved the Safety and Urban Living Atmosphere in the heart of their city centers.

Low Emission Zone (LEZ) is an urban area where the most polluting vehicles are banned (or at least their entry is discouraged financially by toll or fines). Vehicle emissions are classified by European Standards. Before traveling to the LEZ area, a driver must therefore find out if his vehicle complies with the standards. Typically, older cars, buses or trucks will not comply.

Macq Mobility Manager components

The “M³” has following modules for Cities, Road & Highway:

• Identifying (ALPR), recognizing (make, model, color) and classifying all kind of vehicles (heavy/light duty traffic, trucks, buses, cars, motorcycles, bicycles, etc.), objects and people
• Area access monitoring and registration
• Controlling authorized vehicle access zones (white lists)
• Controlling permanent restricted traffic zones (e.g. historic city centers, pedestrian areas), or temporary restricted traffic zones (events, festivals, etc.)
• Securing and monitoring road traffic around schools
• Controlling of carpooling lanes
• Managing variable message signs (VMS)
• Allowing citizens to visualize all mobility related information in a single, centralized place
• Controlling low emission zones (LEZ)

The “M³ for Police” platform is perfectly equipped for:

• Complex police investigations and search vehicles
• Automated ‘Blacklist’ alerts
• Monitoring and tracking of vehicles
• Average speed measurements (section control)
• Instant speed control
• Red traffic light violation detection
• Railway crossing protection
• Rat running detection
• Overtaking detection
• Ghost driver detection
• Detection of height of vehicles
• Detection of dangerous goods transports, so called ADR
• And many more modules (tailored to your specific requirements)

.. and many more modules tailored to your specific requirements.

We are happy to integrate third party OEM modules.

Macq Mobility Manager users – stakeholders

  • Police & national authorities, such as border control & customs
  • Cities & local communities
  • Road & highway managers
  • Traffic analysts & universities
  • Schools (School Safety System)
  • And all other people who have a stake in the mobility

Macq Mobility Manager selling points

  • Smart Mobility & ITS
  • Protection, Safety & Security
  • Improved Quality of Life, Health, and Environment
  • Generates abundant mobility data for analysis and decision-making
  • Automated operations 24/7 – 365 days per year
  • 100% Proven State-of-the-Art Technology
  • 100% In-house Development
  • Modularity & Easy to Implement
  • Reliable, Scalable and Redundant
  • Open system by integrating all existing third-party sensors, databases and interfaces
  • High access and data security in accordance with GDPR
  • TÜViT rated by SIG
  • Excellent proven results for all types of stakeholders, such as:
    • Police & National Authorities
    • Cities, Road & Highway Managers
    • Schools
    • Traffic Experts and Analysts


More info on the Macq mobility products can be found here.