NeoGLS Platform

NeoGLS Platform in a nutshell

The NeoGLS Platform is a software solution developed by NeoGLS in the purpose of managing and monitoring a C-ITS deployment, from the configuration of software modules to the operation and monitoring of RSUs/OBUs and services. The platform acts as a link between the road operator TMS (Traffic Management System) and the end-user by creating links to relevant data sources and providing data using adequate C-ITS standards. Through a Web Interface, the NeoGLS Platform also allows monitoring of deployed use-cases and RSUs/OBUs on the field.

Within the C-MobILE project, the NeoGLS Platform has been expanded with the GeoMessaging protocol, enabling cross-border interoperability and high scalability. New use-cases were implemented and appended to the Platform, in order to provide useful services to many users in the city of Bordeaux and enhance mobility: reducing traffic congestion, increasing driver awareness, reducing pollution.

NeoGLS Platform components

Services centralization and monitoring

The NeoGLS Platform centralizes all C-ITS messages using individual software modules that are directly linked to the TMS back-end, providing a large variety of road events: accidents, road hazard warning, traffic data, roadworks, information, etc. Data is made available to:

  • The deployed RSUs and thereby to all ITS-G5 capable vehicles
  • The public end-user cellular application through the GeoMessaging protocol
  • The road operator through a digital map containing all relevant information

Scenario management

The NeoGLS Platform allows scenario management and use-case development, by providing a highly configurable C-ITS message creation tool. This tool enables field experiments and use-case definition as every aspect of the C-ITS message can be tweaked and immediately made available to the infrastructure and to the end-users.

This feature also allows the road operator to declare and inform drivers on his network manually, beyond the automatic declaration coming from numeric data sources, and even provide more precise information when it is possible.

NeoGLS Platform impact

The NeoGLS Platform enables C-ITS deployment and provides all benefits of C-ITS services easily, with an off-the-shelf solution. Within those benefits, the most important ones are the increase of road security and driver awareness, the reduction of traffic congestions and CO2 emissions, and more globally an enhancement of the driving experience and mobility.

NeoGLS Platform users - stakeholders

  • Traffic Management Centres (urban and inter-urban (highways))
  • Transport systems and infrastructures owners and managers
  • Smart Cities
  • Automotive companies
  • C-ITS and innovative mobility service providers
  • Fleet managers
  • V2X hardware and software companies
  • Research entities (universities and research centres) in related domains
  • Multimodal travellers and drivers and the wider public
  • C-ITS Platform maintainers


NeoGLS Platform was developed by NeoGLS. Click here for more information.