PTV Truck Parking Europe

Truck Parking Europe in a nutshell

Truck Parking Europe is a service designed by PTV Truck Parking Europe and has been developed and provided via app. The app is available free of charge on Google Play and the iOS App Store. It has been downloaded and used by over 500000 Truck Drivers all over Europe. The service provides parking availability information and guidance for truck drivers to make informed choices about available parking places on Motorways as well as in different regions and urban surroundings. It contains information about the location of parks, capacity, and available equipment, facilities on site, security equipment and information about dangerous goods parking. In frame of C-Mobile the service has been further developed, extended and interfaces to the pilot sites have been established.

Truck Parking Europe components

The Truck Parking Europe service is available as mobile application for smartphones and as web application. With this component the dispatcher have the possibility to book parkings on behalf of their drivers. Data about over 37000 truck parking spots all over Europe are available.

Truck Parking Europe impact

Connection with a growing community in the field of logistics, goods transportation and transportation planning should foster better rest time management, easier access to truck stops, fuel stations, rest areas and SSTPA’s (safe and secure truck parking areas) in Europe. The service supports the drivers and planners in their day-to-day business and make their life easier on the road during their trips. It aims to limit cargo-theft, minimise search traffic, increase the number of online available parking locations, and contribute to a safer working environment for drivers.

Truck Parking Europe innovation

State of the Art developing technologies, UI-Design and interfaces provision ensure usability, data management and data availability as well as up-to-date- app-performance. A powerful API for developers is available. Data is accessible via REST API and secured via JSON Web Tokens for authentication.

Truck Parking Europe users – stakeholders

  • Truck drivers
  • Fleet managers
  • Dispatchers
  • Transport companies
  • Parking operators
  • Logistics and warehousing facilities
  • Logistics service providers


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