TNL FlowCube

Count cars and pedestrians, scan bus stops and even calculate average travel times with the FlowCube

When it comes to traffic management in the city, the focus usually is on car traffic. But what about public transport, or bicycles and pedestrians? Truly effective traffic management includes all traffic modes, so that all residents can benefit. So far, most traffic technology has been exclusively tailored to monitoring and controlling car traffic. TNL’s intelligent traffic sensing system turns things around by offering real multimodal traffic sensing.

Accurate data on any traffic mode

Multimodal traffic management focuses on traffic in its widest sense. With its built-in intelligence, FlowCube is able to monitor any kind of traffic. It senses and counts cars just as easily as pedestrians. It scans bus stops or LRT street stations to determine how many people are waiting there, and can even identify people in wheelchairs or parents with strollers. FlowCube also monitors bicycle traffic, and connected sensors are able to calculate and analyze cyclists’ routes and average travel times.

In the next movie the working of the FlowCube is explained in more detail.

Intelligent traffic sensors

FlowCube works with discreetly designed, non-intrusive image sensors that can be installed at any convenient location. The sensors are fitted with long-range wireless communication and a processor with intelligent algorithms. These algorithms work on the basis of artificial intelligence, allowing the sensors to monitor any kind of traffic on the street based on object characteristics. FlowCube automatically generates rich, highly accurate data about the targeted traffic mode, including location, speed and direction. FlowCube is fully compliant with all privacy laws. No visual data is stored and analysis is performed immediately on the sensor, so that complete anonymity is guaranteed.

As images are processed on the spot by the built-in processor (edge computing), the devices do not need much bandwidth. They transmit only a compact amount of data to the cloud platform, where it can be harvested or integrated into other systems.

Data available at your desktop or integrated in the

All the data that is being processed will be made available in a highly adaptable user interface. This will provide information over the Origin Destination, Travel times and of course the counts. Based on our API it is possible to connect the data stream directly to an Integrated Traffic Management Platform like our own, MobiMaestro©


FlowCube was developed by TNL (Technolution). Click here for more information.