CTMaaS in a nutshell

CTMaaS is a solution designed and developed by CERTH-HIT within the framework of the C-MobILE H2020 project, comprised of a combination of software applications and it is the missing link between traffic managers, traffic information service providers, fleet managers and individual travelers (drivers and vulnerable road users – VRUs). CTMaaS is a web-based service for traffic managers, with a user-friendly front-end interface, which integrates multiple data streams (probe vehicle data, sensor data, environmental and weather data), smart and dynamic traffic management processes and Cooperative Intelligent Transportation Systems (C-ITS) technologies targeting to the travelers through mobile application. The objective is to enhance and enable traffic management through the coordinated provision of C-ITS services, monitoring and assessment of set targets, utilizing efficiently large volumes of multi-source data.

CTMaaS components

CTMaaS (C-ITS enabled Dynamic Traffic Management as a Service) is an integrated dynamic traffic management and control system, that exploits the capabilities offered by Cooperative Intelligent Transportation Systems, to improve road traffic of conventional, connected and automated vehicles. CTMaaS is comprised of two main components, the Scenario Manager and the Dashboard. The two components enable the coordinated activation and deactivation of C-ITS services in day-to-day dynamic traffic management and control and the real-time monitoring and visualization of Key Performance Indicators respectively.

The CTMaaS Scenario Manager component allows the coordinated activation and deactivation of C-ITS services within the framework of dynamic traffic management strategies, aiming to solve specific traffic problems. The logic of the CTMaaS Scenario Manager is based on the continuous monitoring of real-time KPIs, which are used as user defined Triggers and Targets of defined Dynamic Traffic Management Strategies.

The CTMaaS Dashboard component allows the visualization and analysis of real-time and multi-source traffic data. The Dashboard provides users with KPIs, line charts, bar charts, gauges, tables and digital maps, allowing traffic managers to easily monitor traffic conditions, the impact of deployed dynamic traffic management strategies, as well as important insights of the overall road traffic operations. Indicative KPIs of the CTMaaS Dashboard include C-ITS Services KPIs, Traffic Flow KPIs, Speed KPIs, Travel-Time KPIs and several others. The CTMaaS Dashboard allows to create endless custom visualizations, based on the available datasets, in order to meet the specific needs of Traffic Management Centers.

CTMaaS impact

CTMaaS aims to provide the traffic management sector with added-value features for holistic dynamic traffic management processes and delivery of quality services to connected vehicles. The provision of the novel CTMaaS service significantly contributes to increased traffic efficiency, reduced road accidents and emissions and a major overall mobility improvement, bridging at the same time the gap between the various existing fragmented solutions and services.

CTMaaS innovation

  • Technological innovation: it employs emerging technologies such as C-ITS and machine learning techniques to achieve the desired approach of holistic traffic management
  • Operational innovation: it caters for multiple data sources and addresses connected vehicles, becoming an intermediary decision-making tool, bridging conventional traffic management and traffic information service provision
  • Business model innovation: it addresses multi-actor perspectives and supports the new Traffic Management as a Service model

CTMaaS users - stakeholders

  • Traffic Management Centres (urban and highways)
  • Transport systems and infrastructures owners and managers
  • Traffic Management as a Service (TMaaS) providers
  • Automotive companies
  • C-ITS and innovative mobility services providers
  • Fleet managers
  • V2X hardware and software companies
  • Insurance companies
  • Consulting companies in related domains
  • Research entities (universities and research centres) in related domains
  • Multimodal travellers and drivers and the wider public


CTMaaS has been designed and developed by CERTH-HIT in the frame of the H2020 C-MobILE project.