An introduction to TomTom

Increasing traffic congestion delays present a serious challenge for drivers and businesses, therefore reliable traffic information becomes vital for transportation planners, traffic management and mobility all over the world. Knowing the current, archive analytics and predicted traffic situation on the road, cities and enterprises can better plan and take corrective measures that influence driver’s behavior, reduce congestion level and emissions. Traffic managers, system integrators and developers can take advantage of TomTom’s traffic services in a variety of formats and delivery methods including XML, TPEG feeds, APIs as well as user-friendly online portals. 

TomTom’s traffic services are created by merging multiple data sources, including anonymous measurements from GPS navigation devices, smartphones, commercial fleets and sensor data from governments. An ever-growing community of users with over 600 million connected devices worldwide contribute to these services. 

This data is merged, analyzed and validated in TomTom’s fusion engine to create one of the highest quality traffic services on the market. Some of the products that have been used in the project in the different pilot sites and scenarios are introduced in short in the following paragraphs. 

TomTom Traffic Flow

TomTom Traffic Flow delivers a detailed view of the current observed speed and travel times on the entire road network in all countries where TomTom Traffic is available. This product is designed for easy integration into routing engines to calculate precise travel times. 

TomTom Traffic Incidents

TomTom Traffic Incidents delivers information on the current observed congestion and incidents on roads in all countries where we offer this service. Traffic ‘incidents’ in this context include information like traffic jams, closed roads, lane closures, construction zones, and accidents. 

Route Monitoring

By providing users with information about current route travel times, delay times in comparison to free-flow traffic and average data confidence level, the TomTom Route Monitoring service provides comprehensive traffic monitoring – making it easy for users to take proactive measures and improve mobility. TomTom Route Monitoring benefits both drivers and road authorities, for example:  

  • Traffic managers can monitor conditions with travel times, delay times and flow data, and then broadcast analysis and proactive measures through variable-message sign (VMS) integration, mobile or web apps, TV and radio. 
  • Drivers can be better informed and encounter less congestion, improving their driving experience

This is just a short overview on the product portfolio. You can get a an overview on all available products on

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