Macq QCAM mobility cameras

The Macq QCAM series in a nutshell

The Macq QCAM is a series of smart mobility cameras with embedded AI. All processing is done in real time on the embedded edge system resulting in a GDPR compliant camera with low bandwidth usage and the possibility to have complete data anonymization depending on the application.

The QCAM does not only ANPR but also object detection, recognition and tracking. This includes Make and Model Recognition (MMR), detection and tracking of Vulnerable Road Users (VRU) as pedestrians and cyclist, Traffic Lights, Trains and Barriers. All cameras are equipped with an IR Flash. Radar is an option for the QCAM 5 and 7.  One of the dual sensors (colour and B&W) can be replaced by a polarized sensor.

Applications are Counting, Travel Time, Parking, Access Control, Origin Destination, Average Speed, Blacklist Management, Overtaking, Low Emission & Restricted Traffic Zones, Illicit Traffic, Dangerous Goods (ADR), Carpooling, Spot Speed, Red Light, Railway Crossing, Object Detection, Automatic Incident Detection (AID) and Intersection Monitoring.

Macq QCAM C-ITS Vulnerable Road Users applications

With its ability to detect and track Vulnerable Road Users the QCAM5 or 7 can be used in C-ITS services as Cooperative Traffic Light for VRUs (CTLV), Blind Spot Detection (BSD) and Warning System for Pedestrians (WSP).

The QCAM system translates the position of the VRUs to WGS84 coordinates and can generate Cooperative Awareness Messages (CAM) and Decentralized Environmental Notification Messages (DENM) for the VRUs that are not able to do so for themselves.

This is an image taken for test purposes. They are automatically blurred in the camera.

In normal operation no images are saved nor visualized, and the camera only sends position, speed and direction of the Vulnerable Road Users.

Multiple QCAM cameras can work together to cover a larger area. The master QCAM (or optionally a Macq AI box) collects all the detections and connects to an Intelligent Traffic Controller or a Road Side Unit (RSU).

Macq QCAM mobility cameras users – stakeholders

  • Police & national authorities
  • Cities & local communities
  • Road & highway managers
  • Traffic analysts & universities
  • And all other people who have a stake in the mobility


More info on the Macq mobility products can be found here.